Our Mission

Advance conservation and stewardship of biodiversity through the protection of natural areas, education, and building local constituencies for nature.

Bobolink Foundation Chairman, Wendy Paulson

From the Chairman

Since 1986, we have supported biodiversity conservation, both with funds and active participation as volunteers, trustees, advisers. While we like to be involved, we think of ourselves not so much as “hands on” as “hands in.”

It has been – and continues to be – a privilege to get to know and work with wonderfully talented and generous people around the world who wake up each day thinking about how to better protect and steward our precious natural heritage. They, and the nature they work to conserve, inspire us.

We have come to believe that ignorance and indifference are nature’s principal threats. Knowledgeable, caring, committed action is its best hope. And we have come to regard excellent conservation as both aspirational and grounded, as it:

  • engages and supports an empowered constituency
  • delivers measurable, on-the-ground improvements
  • is collaborative
  • benefits from the support of effective organizations
  • builds from a foundation of past success, applying new approaches as needed
  • is adaptive

These features guide how we invest our time and philanthropy.

This website is not – and is not intended to be – comprehensive. But I hope it says something about what we value and are committed to supporting, in partnership with the many fine people with whom we work.

  • Wendy Paulson